Misc Unsigned Bands - Forbidden Juice - Im Your Maybe chords

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capo on 1st :)

G                Cadd9
9 o'clock on the dot
and you're awfully close
G                    Cadd9
More than friends it depends on the wind that blows
Em            Cadd9 
Keep me waiting,
Em        Cadd9 
So frustrating
G                  Cadd9 
I'm a mess as your dress screams unholy quotes
G                      Cadd9
It's so smooth how you move when you write your notes
Em            Cadd9
And you sign it,
Em        Cadd9 
Girl what you doing to me

G             G/F#
You bring me into the corner
Em            Cadd9
Say gotcha right where I wantcha
G              G/F#                          Em
Every time you don't mind that you drive me crazy
I'm your maybe
G          G/F#
Up in the air for your pleasure
Em            Cadd9
Don't care if I float forever
G                     G/F#                    Em
Strung along it's so wrong that I'm not your baby
I'm your maybe

(Repeat chords)
3 at last now's my chance
Is it yes or no?
After school I'm the fool
Waiting with a rose
The time is passing
My heart is crashing
In distress I confess
My mind overflows
Your perfume in the room
Yeah you must be close
You keep me chasing
There's no escaping
What is this game you're playing


In control you don't want to make up your mind
Yes today but tomorrow some other time
You confuse me
Why do you abuse me, yeah
Girl I want you head to toe
Give it up or let me go

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