Misc Unsigned Bands - Barbara Jenice - I Met A Man chords

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Verse 1
Am                                  Em
I met a man, he held his hat in his hands

G                                         F
And a look in his eye, that I knew would never die

Am                                  Em
Painstaking raking of our fallen leaves

G                                               F
We are all cast away, no longer fruit of the one tree

Verse 2
Am                                  Em
Brilliant apple, plucked from the tree

G                                         F
Battered and bruised as its twisted & used

Am                                  Em
Creation defeated, it rots in the sun

G                           F
Self destruction, rampantly runs

Chorus (fingerpick same chords as verse):

We must pray for those who have lost their way
They may never again see the light of day
And we must pray for we have lost our way
We may never again see the light of day

Verse 3:

Travesties always prevail in the land
Of true greed, & the home of NEW slaves
Blatant hypocrisy won't weather the storm
Social anxiety, burns worse than lightning

Chorus (2x)
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