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Misc Unsigned Bands - Gardeners Logic - Daniel chords

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Very beautiful song by a local Orange County Band
Find their "Gardeners Logic" and "La Habra" EP on their Facebook or iTunes

Have you seen Daniel?
G           Dsus2
Your little brother
G          Dsus2 A
He left an hour ago

He asked me sweetly 
G           Dsus2
He asked me kindly
G          Dsus2     A 
To let him go up the road

Told me he loved and
G        Dsus2
Took the car keys
G        Dsus2      A
He had a bag in his hand

I don't know, but I 
G       Dsus2
Get the feeling
    G    Dsus2    A
His body left his soul

G               A         Dsus2 
I wish he would just come home...

*Same exact progression for the rest of the song*
*But here are the rest of the lyrics*

Just nearly sixteen
Was able bodied
Was able minded too

It has been too long
Since we were able
To see him here in the room

Gone is gone and
Forever's useless 
It all has to do with time

He was a young man with
Hopes to own land and
Do what his daddy told

I wish he would just come home...

To see that youth go and
Feel its shadow
I don't want to let it go

I see the photos here
That lovely hello
If only in my mind

If I could hold him
Kiss and adore him
Watch him swim in the pool

That little body
My little baby
I still leave a light on for you

I wish you would just come home...
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