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It Takes A Night

Lyrics: David R. Mohr
Music:  David R. Mohr
Copyright: March 29, 2006
Tempo: 150

Intro:  G  D  C  D  {x2}

   G              D                   C            D
I walked into a lonely room I saw a woman she was lonely too
   G             D                      C                       D
I said hello how do you do she said why do you care I said I'm lonely too
    G                            D                     C         C-ALT
She said where do you think it's gonna go I looked her in the eyes     and said
C    G    D C  D  C G    D     G         G7
How could I know        I just don't know       

        G                       D                      C
I reached to her she took me by the hand we walked away from there set out 
to make a plan

   G                  D                             C
We ended up somewhere out on a beach pulled all the stars from heaven that we 
both could reach

        G                     D                              C          C-ALT
When we saw the sun I gazed into her eyes and 
                                 {1st time only:}  there was no surprise     I felt
                                 {2nd time only:}      they epitomized         that

C    G  D   C D C    G  D   G
This is the one This is the ONE

   C        G      C       D             C        G    D    G   G G
I don't believe in love at first sight I don't believe it's so
   C        G      C       D              C       G         D    D  G           G7
I don't believe in love at first sight it takes a night for love to grow

     Em               Am               C                   D
        When we walked away from there I felt my hands drift through her hair
     Em                   Am
        When I kissed her tenderly     {1st time only}
           she kissed me  passionately {2nd time only}
       C                 D            D-ALT  C G D G
     I felt my will rush away from me

{Solo (over Verse 1 chords)  (Solo End: C  Ab  F#  E  D   C  Ab  F#   G)}
{Verse 2}
{Chorus} {Replace last G7 with G}

Outro:  C       G       C       D       G       C       G       D       G

C-ALT: Alternate between the C and the Cmaj7 = 032003
D-ALT: Alternate between the D and the Dsus4 = xx0233
BASS:  Intro & Solo: D  A  G  A  Verse: G A C D
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