Misc Unsigned Bands - Diamond Shifter - Fly Away With Me chords

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FLY AWAY WITH ME(Diamond Shifter)
It's pretty simple. The verse & chorus play D G Em A
The bridge toward the end play Bm A G G

Verse 1
You want to be set free.  From my arms for another man.
I dont want to let you go. But you seem to want to go so. Fly away from me
She said, I dont know if I love you now, after all that we’ve been through.
I dont know if I should stay with you, give me one good reason why I should stay or Ill 
fly away from you.
So just let me know now, and Ill let you go now.
Oh just let me know now, or we could fly away together you and I.
Verse 2
You want to walk away. You say that Im too straight.
I dont want to change my ways. I dont know what else to say to you, who flys away from me.
Weve been friends for such a short time.  Only met you at the club that night. Now you 
don’t want to know me no more, but theres more
Verse 3
You want to fly with me, but you want to be set free. With me, on and on it goes, and it 
goes till it goes no more.
Without me, youve got nobody else, except yourself, you must accept yourself.
That your to blame if you leave me on this night.
Oh Fly Away With Me For A Long Long Long Time.
Oh Stay With Me For A Long Long Long time.
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