Misc Unsigned Bands - Steven Georgiou - I Didnt Know It Was Love chords

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Intro D A Bbm G

The first time I saw you
I didn't know it was love
Until you showed me
What the true meaning of love is

We've been happy for a while
Didnít notice what could come
Never thought of anything else
But you, and only you

I've been such a foolish man
Youíve been hurt, yes I was there
Trying to comfort you as my little sister

So much time has passed 
I didn't noticed you were hurt again 
But this time it's because of me

I wasn't mature enough to understand things
Sorry for being so stupid

Chorus A E F#m D

I was so happy about the link 
That they have given upon us
But there was never been an us
Until you're fed up, youíve let it go

Now I realized how much I love you
Iím trying to get to you
But itís too late
It is just so late
Instrumental F#m D A E

I just want you to know
That even though you've moved on already
I really love you so much
Remember that Iím always here for you

To be your friend
To be your brother maybe
To be a good listener too
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