Misc Unsigned Bands - Steven Georgiou - Fabulous chords

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Intro: D, G (Repeatedly)
Verse 1

Youíre so beautiful, too pretty, so simple, and so pretty,
Oh I guess I said it twice, I canít think of anything else but you,
You were running in my head, Iíve been thinking Ďbout you lately,
But I guess and I know that there couldnít be anything between us two.

Youíre so out of my league, youíre even older than me,
Yeah they say age doesnít matter, but I donít know how would that work,
We could not end up perfectly, yes I can say
If only I could control time I would certainly do it.

Bridge: A, Bm, G

I know there will never be an us,
But even though, I would write a song for you,
Hoping that by chance you might hear this one,
And listen to the lyrics as if it is really meant to you.

Chorus: D, A, Bm, G
It really meant to you, every single word, 
Every single tone, they came from my heart,
To give it all to you, but I should let you go,
Let you live in your fantasy.

Verse 2

Maybe I still donít know what true meaning of love is,
But all I know is that Iím happy just being with you,
And I am contented just by seeing you,
Cause you are simply perfect in every single way.

I want you to be happy, despite of all the hindrances youíre facing,
But I may not be the right person to make you so happy,
Iíd love to be that someone whoís responsible
 For taking care of you until the day he loses his breathe.

Repeat Bridge then Chorus.
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