Misc Unsigned Bands - Caroline C - You Alone chords

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Hey this is my first Tab so please only constructive criticism! I also wrote this 
song myself so I'm just trying to get out there!

capo 6
Intro : G Em Am D 

I wanna live 
a life worth dying for

I wanna have 
a faith worth fighting for
to shine for you, Jesus
shine for you

Verse 1:

You've given a me a second chance and

you forgave without a second glance and I 

don't know what to say 

but thank you Lord!

and now that I know more about you I 

realize I can't live without you I've 

fallen into and unbelievable, amazing love


I don't know what to do and

I don't know what to say,

I don't know how to feel 

because I've never felt this way before

all I can say is


I wanna live
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