Misc Unsigned Bands - Jon Cozartpaint After Ever After - A Disney Parody chords

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Capo 4, or adjust based on needs :)

C                       Em                      G
I loved being princess down in this beautiful ocean blue
C                               Em
But mermaids are going missing; they end up in someone’s stew
C                             Em                        G
So just try to put yourself in to somebody else’s gills
Em                              D               G
You’re killing my ecosystem with fishing and oil spills (oh no)
              Em                                          D
Thank you, BP (thank you BP-P-P); Thank you, BP (thank you BP-P-P)
                Em           D                  G
The British are killing, oil is spilling, now I can’t see
G                                   D          G                                Em
Chinamen feast on Flounder’s fins, plus the Japanese killed all my whale friends
                C                       D                         G
Oceans are browning; I think I’m drowning, thanks to BP (you suck)
Em                                      D
Hey, I’m okay, but I’m slightly scared; my husband’s a mark for the War on Terror
Em                      D
Aladdin was taken by the CIA
Em                                              G               D
We’re not Taliban; you’ve got the wrong man, in Guantanamo Bay!
        G                  Em               C     D
Prince Ali, where could he be; drowning in wa-wa?
D                                       Em
Interrogation from the Nation of the Free
D                               Em
Bin Laden’s taken the fall; we’re not trained pilots at all

G                                       Em
Jafar went crazy, and no one put up a fuss
G                                       Em
We’re for freedom; Genie can vouch for us
D                       C       Em      
Bush was crazy; Obama’s lazy; Al-Qaida’s not in this country!
D               Em
Set free my Prince Ali
G                               Em      D
This town’s gone wild since I married Adam
G               Em              D
They think I’m going straight to Hell (She’ll burn in Hell)
Em                              C               Em                              C
But the charges laid on me of bestiality could wind up getting me thrown in a cell (she is a witch)
C              Em               D
Oh, I’m overrun by mad men (we’re all crazy); 
             D       Em         D
I hear they plan to burn me at the stake (the witch will fry, that Belle must die)
C       Em              D
They legit believe I’m Satan 
             D          Em                  D               G
And now I hear that PETA’s gonna take my beast away
G                                    Em        G                                       D
After John Smith travelled back to England, I helped my people cultivate the fields
        C                       Em
‘Fore English, French, and Spaniards came to visit
                D       Em                      D
And they greeted us with guns and germs and steel

G                    D                  Em
They forced us into unknown lands of exile
G                                       D
They pillaged, raped, and left us all for dead
C                                       Em
So now I’m far more liberal with a weapon
D                       Em              C
When I separate their bodies from their heads (wait, what?!)
G                                       Em   C          G                                       D
Have you ever held the entrails of an English guy, or bit the beating hearts of Spanish men?
G                                               Em  C
Can you shoot an arrow in some French guy’s eyeball (sacrebleu!)?
        Em                                   D
Can you paint with the red colors in these men?
        G                        Em         C
I can murder if I please, cuz I’m dying of disease!
        C               Em              G
I can paint with the red colors in these men

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