Misc Unsigned Bands - Tim The Lion Tamer - Whistleblower chords

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Capo on 3rd

Am C G Am;

   Am                                   F                 C
I came down here to sell the drugs you left beneath your bed

   G                 Em              F
I came down here to bend my crooked soul

       Am                             F                 C
And I wish you'd have the decency to tell me what they said

        G            Em              F
'Cause worry walks beside me as you know

       Am           C                F            C
Oh and if I was a fighter, then a fighter I would be

         G                 Em        F
But the more I fight, the more I'm fought

       Am           C              F               C
Oh and if I was a sailor, I would sail across the sea

         G                 Em              F
But the more I dream, the more I know I'm not

The cats upon the rooftop weeps, the winter stole the sun
The hour's come of which the poets feed
And I guess that I must stab the eye of someone who's in charge
I say: the more I stab, the less I bleed
Oh and if I was a painter, I would paint the snow all green
I'd stroke the sky to cover up the grey
Oh and if I was a waiter, I'd be waitin' for the spring
'Cause worry walks beside me every day

I guess that I could love you even when my heart is faint
But I did not come to kiss your broken bones
You'll hear the sound of whistles blowing deep within the wind
The whistleblower's come to take his home
Oh and if I was a drinker, I would drink away the blue
But the more I drink, the thirstier I get
Oh and if I was a runner, I would run my way to you
'Cause worry's walked beside me since you left
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