Misc Unsigned Bands - Emma Blackery - Go The Distance chords

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So from just by ear I am guessing these chords but they sound pretty good.
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Capo 4

I remember the first, I remember the first time that we met
I didn't say a word, we were too nervous to make our feelings heard
and now we've been through the worst
and we came out the other side just fine
and our friends say were never gunna make it
we just take it day by day

C              G                  Am
So just stay close, no one else matters here but us
C                     G
its you that I trust

And I think we'll go the distance
I think were gunna make it
although it happened so fast
I know that we'll make it last
I know I found the answer
to all our little problems
So put your hands in mine
and just forget the time

Do you remember the last,Do you remember the last time that we spoke
you said I'm falling too fast, and that we ought to try and take things slow
theres no time for that, We've been given a moment and this is now
and now I wake up every single morning
I know we can do anything
And you ought to, you could be with somebody new
what have we got to lose

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