Misc Unsigned Bands - Josh Woodward - Shot Down chords

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Shot Down- Josh Woodward

Capo 6

C               G                Am           F
Why even try to justify leaving, why not just run away?
C                 G                   Am            F
Why even wait and hesitate breathing, why would you want to stay?
C                     G                         Am            G
Nothing you say could change the way he feels, nothing could save you now
       D/F# F    G
So just let this go

C                      G           Am               F
Every collapse that came to pass, faded out of your memory
C                      G                   Am            F
All of the times he left you blind, jaded, down on your aching knees
C                      G                       Am            G
Why don't you see the lies that he's telling, why don't you give it up?
        D/F# F   G
And just let him go

        Am   G     F       C
        Shot down, with no sound
        Am     F           G
        To the cold ground below
        Dm                         Am           G
        And there's no one around, you won't be found
        D/F#                    F      
        So hang your head and [let it fade away]

C                        G                     Am        F
Your heart on a string, without a wing flying, no one to hold the kite
C              G                      Am         F
He let you go, but still you blow by, oblivious to the height
C                    G                        Am         G
Check out behind and you will find nothing's holding you to the ground
       D/F# F   G
He just let you go

G             C        G    F             Am     G
Don't let him pull you down, just let him drown alone
F                 C      G/B       Am      G   D/F#        F
You'll land, and someday you will find a truer hand

C                      G                  Am                  F                   
I know you tried to see his side clearly, I know you gave your all
C                  G                  Am              F
I know you died a little inside when nobody heard your call
C                 G                      Am                  G
Every mistake you come to make grows and echoes inside your brain
           D/F# F    G
You need to let them go

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