Misc Unsigned Bands - Matt Beverst - So Long Mushroom Kingdom chords

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Standard Tuning Capo on 2

For the verses, strum the G in a fast up/down motion 3 times before next chord
For last line of verse the C is down strokes leading into the bridge(s)

G (Silence)                       G     D C
 I grab my red hat and walk out the door 
 I think that I've seen this scenario before
 I know that it's not your fault no way
              D (hold)             C
 That you get taken each and every day

Bridge 1
Em           C                    Em       C
 Princess I'm tired of you getting captured
Em       C                        D (Hold)
 By that big, ugly, green, lizard bastard

G                            C
Hey! Peach, I'm getting tired of you being in other castles
Em                          C
Every time that I come around
Why can't you stay where I left you, like with that fuckin' mushroom
And why don't you ever put out? You know what? I'm gone!

Verse 2
I'm taking the dinosaur and the raccoon hat
and moving in with Link in Hyrule, how 'bout that?

Bridge 2
At least his girl knows how to fight back
When her kingdom's getting attacked


Bridge 3
Oh why do I have to do this?  I'm so damn tired I'm losing it

Chorus x2 first time through strum chords once
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