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Hi~ This is yyan007

ROY KIM twitter: https://twitter.com/RoySangwooKim

So, I watched a Korean lady who posted up how to play October Rain by Roy Kim.
Her youtube username is sungki kim. You can look her tutorial up!

So there are about 15 chords.

       1st Chord            2nd Chord         3rd Chord
          E5        Chord #2        C#m7
      (Power Chord)       Unknown Name    (Minor 7th Chord)
e  l------0----------------0--------------------0--------------l
b  l------0----------------0--------------------0--------------l
G  l------9----------------8--------------------6--------------l
D  l------9----------------9--------------------6--------------l
A  l------7----------------6--------------------4--------------l
E  l------0----------------0--------------------0--------------l

      4th Chord           5th Chord             6th Chord
        Esus4     E Major    Bsus2
  (Suspended 4th chord)                   ( suspended 4th Chord)
e  l------0-------------------0-------------------0----------------l
b  l------0-------------------0-------------------0----------------l
G  l------2-------------------1-------------------4----------------l
D  l------2-------------------2-------------------4----------------l
A  l------0-------------------2-------------------2----------------l
E  l------0-------------------0-------------------0----------------l

       7th Chord            8th Chord          9th Chord
         A       B              Bm
    (Major chord)         (Major chord)       (Minor Chord)
e  l------0--------------------0-------------------7-----------------l
b  l------0--------------------0-------------------7-----------------l
G  l------6--------------------8-------------------9h8---------------l
D  l------7--------------------9--------------------9----------------l
A  l------7--------------------9--------------------7----------------l
E  l------5--------------------7--------------------0----------------l

        10th Chord            11th Chord             12th Chord
        Chord #10             Chord #11            Chord # 12
       (Unknown)              Unknown Name            (Unknown)
e  l------0----------------------0-------------------------0-----------l
b  l-----6h8---------------------0-------------------------0-----------l
G  l------7----------------------4-------------------------2-----------l
D  l------0----------------------4-------------------------2-----------l
A  l------0----------------------0-------------------------0-----------l
E  l------0----------------------4-------------------------2-----------l

           13h Chord          14th Chord            15th Chord
           Chord #13            Chord #14             Am
           (Unknown)          Unknown Name         (Minor Chord)
e  l------0-----------------------0--------------------5-----------l
b  l------0-----------------------0--------------------5-----------l
G  l------8-----------------------0--------------------5-----------l
D  l------7-----------------------9--------------------7-----------l
A  l------5-----------------------9--------------------7-----------l
E  l------0-----------------------7--------------------5-----------l


(1st chord E5

October rain jeoteun baram naemsae
(Chord #2)
October pain apahaettdeon uri
C#m7              Esus4  Esus4
Hillingi pilyohae nan niga pilyohae

[Verse 1]
E5 hmron 8-9 on string G
But it's too late neuteo beoryeosseo
(Chord #2)
It's too late dwidolligien
C#m7          Esus   E
Imi eopjireojin muri dwaebeorin neo

                 C#m7     Bsus2
Geudaereul ppaeatgin mam
                  A        B
Siganui gireul deuraipeuhae
Gieokui kkeuteul dallyeoga
         Bsus2       Bm
Nareul gochigo sipeo


Bm    (Chord #10)

[Verse 2]
October wind heureon haneul gieok
October scene neol damattdeon gonggan
Bsus2              Esus4  E
Hillingi pilyohae nan niga pilyohae

Geudaereul ppaeatgin mam
                      A  B
Siganui gireul deuraipeuhae
Gieokui kkeuteul dallyeoga
       (Chord #11)  A  B
Nareul gochigo sipeo


C#m7               Bsus2
Take me back in time
Take me back in time
(Chord #12)
Take me back in time
Take me back in

Take me back in

Take me back in
Take me back in time

Siganui gireul deuraipeuhae
Gieokui kkeuteul dallyeoga
 (Chord #11)      A  B
Nareul gochigo sipeo

Geudaereul ppaeatgin mam
Bsus2                   A  
Siganui gireul deuraipeuhae

Esus4 Bsus2 C#sus2 (Chord #13) (Chord #14)

Gieokui kkeuteul dallyeoga
        Bsus2   A Am
Nareul gochigo sipeo

E5             C#m7
I miss you... I miss you... 
B               A                 E5
Geudaereul saranghan geudaereul tteonagan na
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