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Misc Unsigned Bands - Gary Stites - Lonely For You chords

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Lonely For You:Gary Stites.
#24 on Hot 100 on CARLTON Records
in 1959.


C              Am       F      G7
Lonely for you......oh, I'm so blue.
Well, I'm so lonely, lonely for you..
Am                       F
I don't know what to do..please, my baby, 
G7             F
I'm so lonely..darling, what am I gonna do?
G7                C
I'm so lonely for you.
Am    F          G7
Ohhh, whoooooooooaaa..

C               Am        F     G7
I thought I was doin' the right thing.
C      Am        F          G
I took back your engagement ring.
    C                                Am
But now I found that I was wrong but I 
had to go along..till I find another day..
     G7                      F
when you come to me and say..darling, I'm 
               G7                        C
gonna be true..then I wont be lonely for you.
Am       F          G7

C                          Am
I need you so very much..I long for your 
sweet tender touch..please come through my 
heart's me write prayers for..
F                            G7
precious little turtle dove..I'm so lonely 
for your love.
Am       F          G7

Am       F          G7

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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