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Be mine by Steven Georgiou



Verse 1: C, Em7, Am, G, F, G

Iíve never seen someone like you in my whole life.
Youíre so pretty, so beautiful, so nice, you always caught my eye.
Please be mine oh I promise that Iíll never leave by your side.
I donít know how Iíll not be by your side, youíre my everything.

Bridge: Am, C, G, F

Coz every time Iím not with you feels dull and grey
And every time I donít see you makes me wanna say
I miss you so much, every minute, everyday
I would be with you every day, if thereís a way

Chorus: C, Em7, Am, F, G

I wish upon a star, that someday youíll be mine, 
Or Iíll be yours forever, whatever is fine
Youíre the one Iím wishing for, every single night
Your eyes are like the stars, they are so bright

Every time I see you my heart beats so fast,
No matter how I stop it, it always lasts,
Oh I canít stop dreaming Ďbout you,

Instrumental: C, Em7, Am, F, G

Verse 2: C, Em7, Am, G, F, G

Youíre the most beautiful one Iíve ever seen
The sweetest one, simplest one, cutest one that God has ever made
You are the stars, the moon, and the sun, youíre everything that brights,
You give light upon my darkest hour, my saddest hour, Iíll just think of you, and it makes my day,

Repeat Bridge
Then Chorus
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