Misc Unsigned Bands - Final Hour - Look To The Skies chords

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C D E   C E D   C D E    F E C
C                       G                     A
    Sometimes I lay down and i wonder why
                F                                    C          
, do i have purpose and why do i cry
                G                       A
i turn to your word the all purpose guide,
                F                       A       
 and i am reminded of who i live by
       G               F         G
I知 not worthy of your glory,
A      G          F       G
   I値l lay me down and worship at your feet
C     G            A             F                          C
   i値l look to the skies and know that you are there, 
        G            A  F
you池e watching me and you値l always care (repeat)
when i cry out i know it痴 all right, because of your glory i'm sanctified 
your body the bread your blood is the wine, i知 ever so thankful to be purified
Pre-Chorus, Chorus x2, Intro x2
C G A F x2
Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na Na, (Build Last F)
Instrumental Pre-Chorus
A (F#) G (E) F G x2
 Guitar Tacet Chorus 
C (Slide Down) Build F
Pre-Chorus With Added ([ch]F#/E[/ch])
I値l worship you, all my days, 
will empty my soul, in bringing your praise
Chorus x2
C D E  C E D  C D E  F D C  C D E  C E D  C D E   C
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