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Misc Unsigned Bands - The Pfeiffer Twins - The Truth chords

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by the Pfeiffer Twins

Em                              G
Don't leave me any reason to doubt
Em                                         G
I don't know what I would do if I found out
Em                              G
Without trust, how can I have faith
 Em                                                  G
that what you're tellin' me you'd take to your grave?

                        C                           Em
        If you're seeing someone I gotta know
                        C                                       Em
        If she's more than a friend, then you'll have to go
        I don't wanna have to question
        where you been or teach you lesson
        C        D               G    Em   G   Em
        I just want the truth

Em                                                      C
You told me you were just friends, completely innocent
Em                                        C
But she's had her eye on you since before we met
Em                                                   C
And you've been contemplating who you like better
Em                                       C
You must think you're so god-damn clever


G                                          Em
You play with hearts, you lie to my face
G                            Em
Your honesty's a complete disgrace
G                            Em
You led us on and in the dark
G                 Em
Deception at the start

Em                              C
I saw you slippin' around like the snake you are
Em                                         C
I was a fool to take our relationship so far
Em                                         C
But your eyes assured me you weren't lying
Em                              C
I did not hesitate to give you everything


Instrumental:  G  C  G  C / G  C  G  G

So how do you repay me?
You use me and lay me!
You're a liar and a coward, a man with no pain
Well karma's a bitch, and I'm no saint
My time, my bed, body, and head
After all you did nothin' was said
You're incomplete, missin' a soul
                          G                              Em
And when you play the game, you lose it all

        (CHORUS - repeat last three lines 3x)
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