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Misc Unsigned Bands - Walker - Blend Into The Mist While Im Falling chords

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Album: Unreleased
Track: (Blend Into The Mist While)I'm Falling

Standard Tuning: EADGBe

Written for no capo but you can use one, doesn't hurt
No Capo for original key

Bmadd4 / E9            = (799700)
A                      = (577650)
G6                     = (355400)
F#add4 / Bmaj9 (no 3rd)= (244302)

Chords referenced of different sites you can look them up yourself if you think I'm 
incorrect, if so please inform me

Keep in mind this is original material and is a work in progress not necessarily 
intended for release so feel free to screw with the progression just do not plagiarize my 
lyrics as all my work is copyrighted and i just common, don't be a rude.

Verse 1

Bmadd4 / E9
An artist turns his ink to words
A painter paints a broken world
G6                          F#add4 / Bmaj9 (No 3rd)
People go about their normal lives

Verse 2 : Repeat Progression

While I Am Sitting in this room
Surrounded by the doom and gloom
That someone painted deep inside my mind

Pre-chorus: Repeat Prog

Pick up speed
Strum fast

Bmadd4 / E9
Blend In
Do you give your life away
The verdict is in You’ve lost your
F#add4 / Bmaj9 (No 3rd)
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