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                           YOUR SON - Joshua Martin
Title: Your Son
Artist: Joshua Martin
Album: Reigning Down EP
email: martinjoshua1998@gmail.com


 You suffered on the cross
 To make a way for us to open up our hearts
                          F#                  E
 To may a way for us in - to Your loving arms
 You set us free


 You died and rose again
 To give us life to be the church that makes a stand
                             F#                     E
 To send us off to reach the world in which we live
 And they will see


     G#m           E        B
 The light of Your Son in me
     G#m     E            F#
 And we will rise and sing


 E        F#            G#m
 You have given us life
 You've saved us with Your blood
 E        F#                G#m
 You wake our hearts tonight
 To see the light

         E     F#    G#m
 Of Your Son
      E    F#   G#m
 Your Son


 We look across the earth
 To see the people that are suffering for Your worth
 To see the people that are praying for the lost
    E                             B
 No matter what the cost, for You


      G#m       E          B
 They choose to pay a price
    G#m        E   F#
 To shine Your Holy light


 E        G#m                 B
 You have opened up Your arms
 To hold us through the storm
 E        G#m                  B
 You have drowned out the cold
 To keep us in Your warmth

 E        G#m                  B
 You have given us Your spirit
 To shine Your light through us
 E        G#m                 F#
 You have given us Your heart
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