Misc Unsigned Bands - Leninco - Study Hard chords

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C#             B            F#
You get 4 hours of sleep everyday
(if you're lucky)  
C#         B                        F# 
You study hard but you don't know a thing anyway
E          A                D
You try to listen what your teacher say 
E        A       Bb
But it all sounds the same

C#                      A
You fall asleep solving problems
F                   E
And wake up craving caffeine 
C#                   A
You already know your future is hopeless
C                 E 
Even though you're just sixteen
I'm young
D            A
And I ain't got no time
B    A    E
I wanna ride a bike
B   A    E
I wanna start a band
I wanna rock n roll

then hit B 1 time

i wanna sell my soul
then hit D 1 time
C#            F#
but all i do is study hard
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