Misc Unsigned Bands - Felix Darts - The Perfect Crime tab

Felix Darts- The Perfect Crime by Will Chesson



(Verse 1,2,3 and outro)

Dm          C
The Perfect Crime,
F                      G
Made me think this and that was a bad thing.
Dm             C
In the face of time,
F               G
Your people's mistakes are forever.
Dm          C
Kills to be kind,
F                G
Only listen if a corpse is right behind.
Dm          C
People will lie,
F              G
In schools and courtrooms all alike.


Em             D6add9
So the culture moves so fast,
Aadd9               A9(no 3rd) E/A9(no 3rd)
It's the eon of the indi......vidual.
Em          D6add9
Horse meat, touch screen, fake stars,
Space-travel gets a candle-light vigil.
Em         D6add9
Neglecting Mars,
Aadd6          A9(no 3rd) E/A9(no 3rd)
Gas is used as long as....there's no clues.
Em                D6add9
There's no street-art,
Just tags, set in stone, council moan.

Thanks for reading :)
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