Misc Unsigned Bands - Samantha Gard - When Dawn Broke chords

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E - - - E - - - Esus4 - - - E - - - (x2)

(Verse 1)
E         A                    E
When dawn broke, you'd left my side
          A                  E   
When dawn broke, I should've cried
       B                   C#m
When I woke, you'd left me broken
        G#7        C#m
But the moon still rises
          E        Esus4
Among the stars

B        A                E
Lord save me I've gone my own way
B       A                 E
Because lately times have changed
B   A                   E
Hey baby see you on the other side
B       A              E
Feeling crazy drown my sorrows tonight

(Verse 2)
E        A         E
As night fell into depression
  A             E
I dwelt on your confession
         B                    C#m
And your farewell, it left me broken
        G#7      C#m
And the moon, he rises
          E         Esus 4
Among the stars 


F#m                G#m
Tainted tears drip down my window
A                        B
Wind wailing through the night
C#m              G#m
Taunting shadows dancing on the wall
F#m             B        
Your face in my mind

E - - - E - - - Esus4 - - - E - - - (x2)

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