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Life's Too Short:The Lafayettes.
#87 on BB Hot 100 on RCA Records in
1962. (Supposedly banned in some places
for suggestive lyrics. Can't see it.
Great song.)

INTRO: C Am (x2)

Am               C                     Am
Well, life's too short..and you're too sweet.
Every day of your life, child..you've got to 
spend with me.
Am                         C
Now, let me tell you about Sally..she's a-really 
Am                              C
tough..and girl, you know about Emmy..she's cool 

                   C              Am
Oh, but life's too short to mess around..don't you 
           C                                  Am
give me no stuff, child..and don't you put me down.
     C        Am       C        Am
A-no no..A-no no..A-no no..A-no-no.

   F                     C
I, I keep a-tellin' you..I, I keep a-tellin' you..
   F                     C
I, I keep a-tellin' you, aahhhhh..
   F                    C                          
I, I said, I told a-you baby..I said, I told-a you, 
   G7           C                    F
uh-huh..I said, what, oh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hooooh!!!

               Am                   C
And you're too wild..to pass me by, baby, with just 
a kiss and a smile.
                    C                             Am
We gotta up and get married..before my hair turns gray.
               C                               Am
I need you for real, baby..I've had my time to play.

      C        Am       C                     Am
Now c'mon, a-c'mon..a-c'mon, don't make me so blue.
   C      Am
(C'mon, C'mon)
      C          Am         C          Am
A-hey-hey, A-hey-hey..A-hey-hey, A-hey-hey.
   C      Am
(C'mon, C'mon)..(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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