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Misc Unsigned Bands - James At War - Chomp Chomp On Your Love chords

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Chomp Chomp (On Your Love)

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This tab is for Anna.

C                                Em
I was just a little monster with hunger on my mind,
F                                 G
Gazing at forbidden fruit and yet feeling so inclined,
C                                     Em
To give up, give in and get over this appetite in me,
F                             G
But no matter how indulgent I was it couldn't be

Enough to satiate this longing for,
Substance in my life.
But then you offered me your love,
and I thought I'd take a bite!


So now I'll 
Chomp Chomp! (On the love that you've given me!)
Chomp Chomp! (Oooh and it tastes so heavenly!)
Chomp Chomp! (Where'd you come up with this recipe?)
Chomp Chomp! (Flavours like this are a rarity!)

Chomp Chomp! (I never dreamed that my plate would be,)
Chomp Chomp! (Filled with such wonderful delicacies,)
Chomp Chomp! (and I am so glad that you shared with me!)
F              G      C        F       C
Could I have a box to go?

This repeats for the rest of the song.

Hope you enjoy playing this happy tune!
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