Misc Unsigned Bands - Col John Mccrae - In Flanders Fields chords

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Intro: D-G-A-Bm   F#m-Bm-A-D
In (D)Flanders (G)fields the (A)poppies (D)blow
Bet(D)ween the (G)crosses, (Em)row on (A)row,
That (D)mark our (G)place; and (A)in the (Bm)sky
The (D)larks, still (G)bravely (A)singing, (D)fly

Scarce (D)heard A(G)mid the (A)guns be(D)low.
We (D)are the (G)dead. Short (Em)days A(A)go
We (D)lived, felt (G)dawn, saw (A)sunset (Bm)glow,
Loved, (D)and were (G)loved, and (A)now we (D)lie

In (D)Flanders (G)fields, in (A)Flanders (Bm)fields
And (F#m)now we (Bm)lie in (A)Flanders (D)fields

Take (D)up our (G)quarrel (A)with the (D)foe:
To (D)you from (G)failing (Em)hands we (A)throw
The (D)torch; be (G)yours to (A)hold it (Bm)high.
If (D)ye break (G)faith with (A)us who (D)die

We (D)shall not (G)sleep, though (A)poppies (Bm)grow
In (F#m)Flanders (Bm)fields in (A)Flanders (D)fields
We (D)shall not (G)sleep, though (A)poppies (Bm)grow
In (F#m)Flanders (Bm)fields in (A)Flanders (D)fields

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