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Misc Unsigned Bands - Scott Berry - On A Wire tab

Depending on the way he sings each verse, you can tell which patterns to use,
where to strum, change chords, etc.  It's a fairly easy song to pick up.  

                D  U  D  U   D  U  D  U   D  U  D  U
e|-----------0--0--0--0---0--0--0--0---0--0--0--0-----------| /
B|-----------1--1--1--1---0--0--0--0---1--1--1--1-----------| /
G|-----------2--2--2--2---0--0--0--0---2--2--2--2-----------| /
D|-----------2--2--2--2---2--2--2--2---2--2--2--2-----------| /
A|--7--5--3--0--0--0--0---2--2--2--2---0--0--0--0-----------| /
E|-----------x--x--x--x---0--0--0--0---x--x--x--x--0--3--7--| /
                                                              / Play for
    D  U  D  U   D  U  D  U   D  U  D  U                      / intro &
e|--0--0--0--0---0--0--0--0---0--0--0--0--|                   / verse
B|--1--1--1--1---0--0--0--0---1--1--1--1--|                   /
G|--2--2--2--2---0--0--0--0---2--2--2--2--|                   /
D|--2--2--2--2---2--2--2--2---2--2--2--2--|                   /
A|--0--0--0--0---2--2--2--2---0--0--0--0--|                   /
E|--x--x--x--x---0--0--0--0---x--x--x--x--|                   /

Am       Em         Am      Em     Am  
I had a dream I was high on a wire
      Em       Am     Em
I was walking alone
Am       Em          Am      Em      Am
Sky was dark, air was cold, it was raining
      Em           Am     G (intro tab)
I was soaked to the bone

Straight jacket's tight and my muscles are aching
Struggle's wearing me down
Beautiful siren, I yearn just to touch you
For I'm in love with your song

Bm        A            Bm          A
You don't know but I'm right here inside you
Bm        A           G
Deep and dark in your mind
Bm        A           Bm         A
You can't see but I'm right here beside you
Bm        A           G
I will protect you at night
NO CHORD                 (intro tab)
No, you won't leave my sight

I have a dream you are high on a wire
But you are not alone
Sky is dark, air is cold, and it's raining
But I'm in you, warm your bones

You wouldn't ask but I'm here to protect you
You, my love, draw me near
You don't hear as I whisper of longing
Just feel the breath on your ear
But I will always be here
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