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ForeverPandering - Lily

     Em   G    C

             Em                G          C
Yeah maybe I should've started in a lower key
             Em            G            C
But then you wouldn't have even noticed me
      Em    G             C
I can be whoever you want me to be
           Em           G
I could be him, I could her
Why can't I just be me?

        Em                           G            C
You can hate all you want but you'll never get to me

It all goes through me
Em   G            C
I'll do just what I please
Em        G            C
Criticism for the soul

And I'll just grow
Em                 G             C
You thought you've brought me to my knees

      C     D   D#  Em    Bm     C     D   D#   G

C            D      D#      Em          Bm
I guess it's time I started writing the obituaries
C       D     D#      G
Goodbye envy, goodbye sorrow

You were legendary
C          D        D#    Em
There's no time for being shy
When we're acting silly
C       D      D#        G
Goodbye bad times, hello Lily.

C     D   D#  Em    Bm

C     D   (D#) G

Yeah maybe I should've made a better first impression
But dwelling on the past is for the weak
And other men and women, they will try to drag you out
Don't try to scream, just try to speak

You can hate all you want when you have no name
It's all the same
Just try to rise above the noise
Criticism close to heart
Right from the start
But I just wanna hear your voice

I guess it's time I started writing the obituaries
Goodbye envy, goodbye sorrow
You were legendary
There's no time for being shy
We're acting silly
Goodbye bad times, hello Lily.

So this is one of the songs Ken Ashcorp did on Katawa Shoujo :)
It's pretty straightforward, you can decompose it in 2 parts, the verse and the chorus, 
and should play not the chords but pluck the ones indicated. If it's not clear enough, 
just ask!
(Also I know it's supposed to be Lilly, but he wrote Lily, so I'll stick with that!)
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