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Misc Unsigned Bands - Wal - Martians chords

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Words and music by David S. Thomas

A                                                            D
I went down to the Wal-Mart.     It was getting pretty late
A                                     B                E
All I needed was some nacho chips, a camera, and some bait
         A                                                 D
When I walked in through them slidin doors  All that I could see
        A                                                     E                          A
Was these strange lookin critters And they was starin back at me

A            D
You know the ones I’m talkin’ about, Those folks that dress so weird
        A               B               E
Like that guy there in the pink hot pants, the tattoos and the beard
        A       D       
And that skinny chick beside him 
Lord, she’s givin me the chills
A       E       A
In her leather bondage boustier 
And her four inch “hurt me” heels

D                        A
Wal-Martians Beats all I’ve ever seen
D                             B                  E
Wal-Martians  Every night is Halloween
D                            A                        F#m
Wal-Martians Nothin’ could be clearer
      E                                           A

I’ll bet they never looked into a mirror

        A                                                                         D
There’s a guy there over in lingerie 
He looks like a plumber in a thong
       A                                                            B                       E
His pants are hangin’ way too low 
And that under wear’s just wrong
                      A                                                   D

And there’s a lady wearin’ fishnet stockings 
And a leatheret mini skirt
               A                                             E                        A
Four hundred pounds or lovin’ 
With “I’m Sexy” on her shirt


   A                                                D
If I was the fashion police I’d be busy writin’ tickets
               A                                       B                                         E
To that lady in the halter top 
She looks like a busted can of biscuits
        A                                              D
And I’d really like to tell her 
But it’d prob’ly start a fight
              A                       E                 A
That spandex is a privilege     not a right


D                                              A
But it’s really not my place to accuse
        D                                                                            B  E
‘Cause I’m wearin’ my pink bunny slippers 
And my NASCAR jammies too!

   A                                                     D
I guess it’s time I took my stuff 
Get checked out and go
              A                                               B                         E
But I’ll come back tomorrow though 
For the late night fashion show
            A                                    D
But as I was walkin’ out 
        This guy was walkin’ in
       A                                                              E                       A
And I could tell by what he was wearin’ 
That he was gonna fit right in


D                                   A
- They’re everywhere you look
D                                    B                           E
- Some one should write a book
D                          A                       F#m
- Nothin’ could be clearer
       E                                          A
I’ll bet they never look into a mirror
       E                                                  A
Yeah, there’s a Wal-Martin in my mirror
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