Misc Unsigned Bands - Language Barriers - These Dreams chords

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Capo 2 = Am - F - C - G

(Verse 1)
I wonder sometimes how we got to be this far,
We've grown so much but did we grow too much to be part,
This daily life has got us down around of our hearts,
I know it's easy to forget how this thing got its whole start,

These dreams, there made out of real things,
Put them all together and you may just have somethin to believe in,
Without it all, were just alone in this haul,
Together, weather we make it, we made it you know we did after all

(Verse 2)
Its easy to see, believe theirs something on the side of those dreams,
But how'd it be if we would get there having nothing,
This life you live, the people that share your hopes and everythings,
They'll be there and they'll weather the ride no matter what comes, out of

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Lets get together, and be together no matter in what we do tonight,
Lets be the reason we love to ride along on this wave,
We dont know how to get where we know we want to be then,
But this time, were loving to be apart of this livin

(Repeat Chorus)
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