Misc Unsigned Bands - Language Barriers - Face To Face chords

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Verse: C - Em - D - Am(x3), C - Em - Am - D
Chorus: G - D - Am - C, G - D - Em - C
Bridge: F - C - G - D, F - C - Em(last time sub D for Em)

(Verse 1)
My mind is blank
What can I do
But to look back on yesterday
And I think of you

You see what I see and
You'll be where I'll be
You take it to me
And you see right through me

Always was I wondering 
What was on your mind
The breaks of forever as we
Pass through time

And as my past rolls in
And I see the light
I realize the path that shall 
See me in flight

And I am going home to a better place
Cuz I don't know if I can stand this anymore
It's time that you and me come face to face
You should see the circumstances  right now
I know that you have already got your invitation
But that doesn't change my situation at hand
And I am going home to a better place
And I'm not talking about heaven like most

You realize
How much you know
You realize
How much you care
You realize
That after everything 
That I've been through
This is what I gotta do
I'm through with you
I'm through with you

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)
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