Misc Unsigned Bands - Andrew Blu - Joy Of Life chords

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Capo on the 6th fret
Original key: B-major

| F | Am | G | Am |
| F | Am | G | E |
| F G | E | Am Fm | Am |

[Verse 1: Oscar Söderman]
F                  Am
 Sometimes I think, things could have been so different
G                           Am
 I could have been another guy
       F                      Am
Then I see, I look past the horizon and I listen
G                              Am
 I hear the screams and then I cry
  F             G     E              Am     Fm    Am
I close my eyes and I see how people fight, hate, kill
F                     Am
 Terror and thrill is waiting at your door
        G                              E
and the world is giving up but I don't blame her so

[Chorus: Oscar Söderman & Andrew Blu]
         F                        Am
When the world gives in, when the angels drop their wings
     G               Am
Keep singing til' we win
         F                          Am
When the sun goes black and all the people turn their backs
     G               E
Keep singing til' we win
             F              G      E
When there's nothing right, just believe in miracles
Am           Fm         Am        Am         Fm        Am
Sing for the joy of the life, and everything will be alright

[Verse 2: Andrew Blu]
 Sometimes I dream of a world in peace
Like Hakuna Matata when you're walking down the street
 No one blaming you for spitting to a beat
and you know there ain't no contest for being the realest
 You don't have to worry 'bout showing no weakness
Succeeding is a word, freedom's the real world
 Just stand up for yourself and you'll be heard
whether you're black, white, yellow, a G, or nerd
F                             G
 This world ain't gonna stand too long
we need to be more people and keep fight on
        Am                   Fm
Need to be right on with the freedom song
        Am                                   F
All the people come gather thee round on for justice
It just isn't right to fuzz
So sit back, take a nap or stand up
as long as you feel me and sing in the chorus
This world's giving up and I don't blame her


[Verse 3]

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