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Misc Unsigned Bands - Johnny Crawford - Judy Loves Me chords

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Judy Loves Me:Johnny Crawford.
#95 on BB Hot 100 on DEL-FI Records
in 1964.

INTRO: Ab C Fm F Ab Fm..Bbm Db Ab Fm Db..
       Eb Ab Eb Ab
Ab             Fm            Db           Eb
Written on the blackboard of first period class..
Ab             Fm           Db        Eb
written on the sidewalks of stores we pass.
Ab                       Db     Eb           Ab
There is a banner on our school grass..says, Judy 
Fm        Eb
loves me..Judy loves me.

Ab   F         Bbm  Eb        Ab
Judy loves me..Judy loves me..disc jockeys say it
       Db         Eb
on the night-time station.
Ab                            Db       Eb
Here's one going out with our next dedication.
Ab          Fm       Db         Eb
Johnny from Judy, my heart's sensation.
Ab   Fm        Eb             Ab   Fm
Judy loves me..Judy loves me..Judy loves me..
Db   Eb
Judy loves me.

Db       Bbm     Db       Bbm   Db        Bbm
She's so pretty..she's so fine..that's my Judy..
Db        Bbm
that's my Judy.
F#       Ab      F#        Ab
She's so pretty..she's all mine.
Db                           Ab
Never thought she'd fall for me.

F#     Ab   Db    Bbm      F#       Ab          Db
Not so long ago I met was all I could see.
F#      Ab        Db      Bbm      Eb                Ab
She was wanted by all the guys but now she's kissing me..
kissing me.
Ab      Fm       Bbm       Eb      Ab               Fm
So, now when the weekend's coming..we're off to the drags or
Db       Eb     Ab                               Bbm
for each other..others guys they come with their hearts 
all undone.
       Ab   Fm        Db   Eb        Ab   Fm
Cause, Judy loves me..Judy loves me..Judy loves me..
Ab   Fm        Db   Eb
Judy loves me..Judy loves me.

Ab    Fm    Db         Eb  Ab     Fm
Judy, Judy, Judy loves me..really loves me.
Ab    Fm    Db         Eb  Ab    Fm Db    Eb
Judy, Judy, Judy loves me..she's so proud of me.
Ab  Fm       Db    Eb
You know she loves me..(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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