Misc Unsigned Bands - Bob Porter - Up She Rises chords

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When she leaves safe harbor
                                  C              G
Headed for the fishin' ground's unknown waters again;
And you wave goodbye to the friends on shore,
C                          G
Steamin' with a northern wind.
The waves they roll and the wind's pickin' up,
          C                  G
And the night is comin' on fast;
She turns her back to the island shore,
          C                  G
Through the high waves she will blast.

And it's
Oh, oh, oh, up she rises,
      C                      G
The water rolls off of her deck;
Oh, oh, oh, up she rises,
  C                            D        G
Guided through the sea by her captain, Jack.
Oh, oh, up she rises,
        C                        G
She's headed straight into the wind;
Oh, oh, oh, up she rises,
  C                            D        G
She goes back down, but she rises again.

In the morning the winds are calm,
And the waters they glisten with the rising sun;
The captain says all men on deck,
There's a day's work to be done.
We climb the rails, and we hit the deck,
We've reached the fishing grounds at last.
We work the day and hear the captain say,
There's a windstorm coming up fast.

When the catch is made, we steam for home,
To a harbour safe and warm;
Through a restless night we toss and turn,
In the winds and waves of a storm.
In the northern gale and a ten foot swell,
She's a-cuttin' through the mighty sea;
And the sound of a song is heard from below,
The men you can hear 'em sing.
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