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Misc Unsigned Bands - Morgan Bryan - Another Evening chords

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Verse: Am (open), E (open)
Chorus: Dm (open), Am (open), E (open)
Mid: Am, Em, D

Am                 E            Am                  E   
In the heat of the night,       let's hope it rains again. 
Am                       E      Am                        E     
I'll have you here by my side.  In the morning will we be friends?

     Dm                         Am
     And your eyes they give no steer
     E                        Am
     And I'm just filled with fear. 
     Dm                            Am
     Your lips and mine have never met. 
     Another evening, another evening
     Another evening of regret

Am                      E       Am                     E        
Are these games that we play?   All the words we never say. 
Am                 E            Am                     E        
What's the sign to start?       Does it need to be so hard?


Mid (rpt.):
Am (notes A & C [hammer D] on D & G strings)
Em (notes E & G [hammer A] on A & D strings)
D (notes A & F# [hammer A] on A & D strings) 

Am                             E    Am                         E        
The clumsy date we should have had, scared that it might go so bad. 
Am                            E      Am                    E            
All the friends that we might lose, will cement this big excuse.

End (chords as in mid section)
I never learned this lesson well
Instead returned to live this hell
Again, again and again 
(repeat x3)
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