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Misc Unsigned Bands - Philip Bixby - Im Yours chords

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Im Yours
Philip Bixby

Intro*:  [Hm7   A   D/F#   G] x2

  1. Verse*
Hm7      A              D/F#
  Let me live let me fall
  Let me make my mistakes
Hm7        A      D/F#
  Watch me go
  And I make my mistakes

Hm7     A      D/F#
  I’m falling apart
  Like shattered glass on the floor
Hm7         A         D/F#
  You’re shaping the Pieces 
        G                  (G  A --> Chorus) 
  Like beautiful décor


  2. Verse*
Hm7     A              D/F#
  If my live is made of clay
  G                           Hm7
  Then your hands are still forming
A                 D/F#
  It be all an desire
G                      ( --> Pre-chorus)
  If you weren’t here to form me
D          Dmaj7
  I’m yours, you call me your own
Hm7    A             D/F#       G
  Set apart for your Glory, be glorified
D          Dmaj7
  I’m yours, I give you my life
Hm7    A              D/F#          G
  Set apart for your Glory , be glorified


  You take me
  Designed me
  Refined me
  Shape me and make me your own

*Beim Intro, bei den Strophen und Pre-chorus ist jeder 2te Akkord synkopiert und 
eben sehr knapp vor dem 3.Taktschlag vorgezogen (bzw. unterbricht jeden 2.Schlag pro Takt).
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