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The Love Of A Boy:Timi Yuro.
#44 on BB Hot 100 on LIBERTY Records
in 1962.

INTRO: Ab Eb Ab Eb

              Ab       Eb                    Db
The love of a boy, can change a girl, into a woman.
(woman..a woman.)
  Eb             Ab
I know that it's true..(know that it's true) my love 
    Eb                              Cm
for you (my love for you) made me a woman.

            Fm      Ab    Db
Once, I was only, a girl, young and afraid.
E                               Eb
You came to me, and you gave me love.
       Db             Ab
What a difference you made.

    Eb        Ab                      Eb
The love of a boy (love of a boy) can change a girl, 
                           Db               Ab
(can change a girl) into a woman..(woman..a woman.)
Ab                                                Eb
With just one caress (just one caress) your tenderness,
                            Cm               Fm
(your tenderness) made me a woman..made me a woman.

Fm       Db                 E
You are, faithful and true..love burning deep in my heart
    Eb                      Ab       Db          Ab    
and soul..and it's only for you..my..true, true..looove.
 Ab    Eb

Eb                            Ab         
Whoah, oh, oh, oh, oh..whoah, oh!
               Eb            Ab             
Whoah, oh, oh, oh, oh..whoa, ooohh..(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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