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Misc Unsigned Bands - Roy Head - Treat Her Right chords

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Treat Her Right:Roy Head And The Traits.
#2 R&B and #2 on BB Hot 100 on BACK BEAT
Records in 1965.

INTRO: G F (x4) C Bb C..G F G..D C G F..E Dbm G..
       Aw! you're lookin' good, baby.
       C..............................G D C G
G                         F                G
I wanna tell you a story, every man oughta know.
G      Gm7           C     Eb  C         Cm         G   F G
If you want a little gotta start real slow.
G                      Dm          C      Bb
She's gonna love you tonight, now, if you just treat 
    G         F G
her right, now.

G                           F  G                        F G
Oh, squeeze her real gentle....gotta make her feel good.
G    Bb           C        F C                  G     F G
Tell her that you love you know you should.
Gm7   Bb                     D      C         Bb
Cause if you don't treat her right, she won't love you
  G     F G

G      F           G     F G          F           G  F G
If you practice my method.....just as hard as you can.
G      D     F         C     F C  Bb   C      G       F G
You're gonna get a a lovin' man, now.
F             G    D     F      C        Bb          G         F G
And you'll be glad every night, that you treated her right, now.

G                                       C                  G
Hey-hey-hey-hey!..hey!..hey!..alright!..yeah, yeah!..hey!..hey!
                             D     C     G
everybody-alright!..alright! hey!..hey!..hey!
G                                              F
Hey-hey-hey-hey!..awww-work it, now, one time..aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!
C                                  G      D C G
a little too much, baby, alright!..hey!........

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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