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Misc Unsigned Bands - Michael Lee - Tomorrow chords

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By Michael Lee

(G, Am, Em, Em) x4 verse 
(C, Em, Bm, Am // C, Em, Bm, D) Chorus
Note: the strum pattern for the verse is G: dudu A:dud E:ududududu. The 
chorus is just 2 strums per chord UNTIL you get to D which you extend another
2 strums before going back to G


C           Em          Bm              Am
Tomorrow is another day it just doesnt feel that way
C            Em            Bm               D 
Tomorrow has come and gone you were with me all along

G  Am   Em           
I dont know how
G      Am      Em
To say goodbye to you
G         Am                Em
Just cant think of a single word to say
G       Am          Em
This is gonna take some thinking through


The day after next// Youre gonna be leavin town awhile
Hope you find what lookin for// If and when you do thatll make me smile


I cant figure out why// Youd ever want to leave a place like this
Yeah Ill admit it gets cold in the wintertime// But you dont have to worry bout 
what your gonna miss.


You lost your head// In San Francisco waiting for the fog to roll out
But you found it in a raincloud// And boy oh boy it was smiling down


Some day you will come home// When you do a big party we will have
You can sit down and tell us all// Tell us all about a far off land


Something like that...
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