Misc Unsigned Bands - Holy Shadow - Untitled Garden Growing chords

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The whole song is E F#m A E except for one change in the chorus.

   E             F#m                  A                  E 
So many things to do when I woke up today that I went back to bed. 
   E             F#m                  A                       E
And so many things I still want to change but I got high instead. 
       E           F#m                  A                E
And I was born in a hospital but I was baptized by the sea 
       E                            F#m                    A                            E        
And I have seen the things that are destroying you And I'm gonna try not to let them destroy me. 

   E            F#m           A        E
Because I once was broken but now I am whole 
  E             F#,            A           E
And the universe, well, it's forgiven me for all those things I stole
      B                      A
And there's a garden growing when all of my blessings get old.
  E            F#m            A                 E
The wild is my religion and this garden is my practice 
   E              F#m                 A                       E 
So many things I have yet to learn and so many things I have yet to give.
   E           F#m             A                       E
But they'll still find my cell phone snapped into two pieces too late
   E             F#m             A                      E
Sitting softly in the sand at the bottom of my beloved Long Lake.

   E                     F#m                     A                         E
And there's this girl I love, she knows what I've done but she lets me sleep in her bed.
   E                    F#m                  A                     E
She gives me the peace I could never find in any of those books I read.
   E                   F#m                    A                    E
And I could walk backwards from Jerusalem and still not know where I've been
   E                     F#m                   A                      E
Or go back to the time before I lost my mind and realized I'm okay with it.

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