Misc Unsigned Bands - Ganglians - Cryin Smoke chords

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 First Tab, sorry for any imperfections 

G                                       D
Take myself out to pasture,  Smoke my reefer in the bathroom.

Am                                                 C
Watch out for the starving locusts. Make sure not to get drastic.

G D Am C

G                                                  D
Lists of things that do not matter. Hopefully one day I'll check the last one off,

Am                                                 C
Hopefully one day with some luck.

Oh no

D            Am
 oh no  

 I'm not trying to go,
G        D      Am    
Hello, hello 

 are you cryin' smoke?

*Same pattern throughout*

Things aren't always as they should be
Just returning from the Dead Sea.
The one where tired issues go to lay,
Opening holes up through out space.

I should speak much more clearly
About the things that engineer me,
Send me sacred, send me spiraling.
Oh no, oh no,
I'm not trying to go...

Take myself out to pasture,
Watch things move a little faster.
Lose my head in idle conscious,
Speak more clearly of the good things.

I'm just trying to make a difference.
Everyone has an opinion of what this is.
But I just carry on,
Carry on, with my business.

Oh no, Oh no...
Are you cryin' smoke?
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