Misc Unsigned Bands - Guang Jeong - Daydreaming chords

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Song is played on capo 5

D                               Dmaj7
My daydreams keep me alive, from a strange place where I can't survive
Em                                              G                       A
It's a hope for change, not small change, but a complete difference

D                                    Dmaj7
It's just to cope, it doesn't harm, it passes time that I don't want
Em                             G                A
Those dreams, they fill me up, they make me whole

D                                        Dmaj7
I'll give you a penny for your thoughts, not a heartstring pulled by doubts
Em                       G              A
Almost like memory, fall into reverie

D                                    Dmaj7
I think about your cute freckles, the thought that frees me from shackles
Em      G                    A
No one knows what I think about, they'd think I'm crazy

D, Dmaj7, Em, G,A
Played with guitar 2 Riff

D                               Dmaj7
Have vivid images in your mind, random thoughts of a kind, 
Em                           G          A        
Hope you know what it is, it's called Daydreaming

Repeat as many as you want and end on a D

guitar 2 Riff
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