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Misc Unsigned Bands - Steven Georgiou - You Were Everything chords

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Steven T. Georgiou - You were everything

Intro: C#,2x. G#   RECORD 29 Semi Power Chords

Remember the times when we were wondering, 
To many questions, to many things to say
Now I am wondering how youíre doing,
Cause I always wanted to say    G#

Verse 2

When I sleep, my dreams are always about you
When I hear that song which reminds me of you
Memories of you appear in my mind
Memories of which I couldnít leave behind

Chorus: C#,C#...,F#,G#
You were nice, you were cute, you were everything
You love him, I love you, everything flashing
It haunts me every time Iím about to fade
My mistakes, canít forget the regrets I made

Cause you are the one I cannot live without
I cannot live without you
Rep Chorus,
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