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Steven Georgiou - Reality

Verse 1: C,Am7,Em

Oh i just woke upon reality
the worst is that i learned it form her
oh she told me nothing ever lasts forever,
what if we both stop loving each other?


My friends have told me to move on,
but my love for you is too strong
i'm just afraid that i might not handle,
the sadness of seeing you with another,
man who will always make you laugh,
which would break up my heart into pieces.


So I'll try not to bother you anymore,
try not to think of you anymore,
but i am always here,
im just always here for you.

I'll be there any minute in just one call,
I will always help you through it all,
I'll be by your side
my shoulders are here if you need to cry.

Verse 2: C,Am7,Em

I'll never be the same without you
but i will do everything just for you
It will hurt a few months i guarantee it,
but with the help of God I may forget you.

Repeat Pre Chorus, Then Chorus
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