Misc Unsigned Bands - Jonatha Eng - Myling Lullaby chords

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From the OST to the PC version of the Simogo game Year Walk.
Should be finger picked.

--- Chorus 1
Dm            Am
Sleep now, my child
    Dm            Am
The day is almost done

Dm, Am, Dm, Am

Dm            Am
Sleep now, my child
      Dm               Am
There goes the sinking sun

--- Chorus 2
      C                Dm
We're placed into this world
     C              Dm
left to survive somehow
But no ghastly sight
out in the night
Am           Dm
can hurt you now

--- Chorus 1
Sleep now, my child
The stars above us glow
Sleep now, my child
They glitter like the snow

--- Chorus 2
This winter is going to last
a lifetime, I am told
But you will see
you'll always be
safe from the cold

--- Bridge
I have heard of those
who would walk the woods
B          F
hoping one day they could
Dm         C
see if the future held
Am        Dm
sorrow or bliss

--- Bridge
What I wouldn't give
for a chance to see
what you'll grow up to be
I hope you find a life
better than this

--- Chorus 1
Sleep now, my child
The raven sings its song
Sleep now, my child
The forest sings along

--- Chorus 2
When morning comes you'll be
in someplace far away
And just by a wink
you'll never think
back on this day

--- Chorus 2
This life is oh so grim
It's tearing us apart
But I'll always keep
my baby deep
within my heart
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