Misc Unsigned Bands - Speak O Lord Samuels Song - Highway 180 chords

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              Speak O Lord (Samuel's Song)  -  Highway 180

Capo 1

Verse 1:
 A2                    Bsus
Down on my knees at the end of the day
 A2                     Bsus
Don't know what to do or how to pray
             A2               Bsus
There are a million words I'd like to say
    A2                            Bsus
But each is overshadowed when You show your face

   Emaj7    E          Emaj7        E
So speak O Lord in the stillness to me
        A2                        Bsus
With a voice like a whisper on an ocean breeze
Emaj7    E          Emaj7        E
Speak O Lord with a voice like thunder
       A2                         Bsus
Put a ringing in my ears leave my heart to shudder
   Emaj7    E           Emaj7      E
Or speak O Lord and with words of comfort
 A2                      Bsus
Take me to Your heart and fill me with wonder
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