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Misc Unsigned Bands - Dr Mark Lewney - Bohmian Rhapsody chords

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C6                    D7             C6 D7
  Is this a real wave?   Is there duality?
G7        Dm  G7          C
  Is it a par-ticle in a Quantum Re-ality?
Am                   C7                F
Open your eyes, then re-normalise and see
Dm                         G7
I’m a poorly-defined boy, full of uncertainty, don’t know
C#       C    B      C    C#     C     B      C
Where I am, speed I go. Little? Fast? Big or slow?
F                C    C#
Really makes my mind blow
      G                                 C
That you can’t explain matter to me, to me

C           Am                 Dm
Mama, just killed cat, stuck a box over his head,
Now poor Ginger’s (probably) dead
C                    Am
Mama, my career had just begun,
         Dm7                   C  F  G
Now I’m banned for life by the R-SP-CA
F     C  Dm          Gm
Mama, o--oh, it was promising research
    C                            F
If I’m not back again this time tomorrow
       C        Dm                  A#m              F
Carry on, carry on, this time with Ginger in liquid Helium

C             Am
Too late, my time has come,
               Dm                            G
But if that’s known with certainty, I can’t know my energy
 C           Am             Dm
Goodbye, everybody, I’ll annihilate with an
 C          F            G
Antimatter version of myself
F     C  Dm             Gm
Mama, o--oh, I know it sounds like crap sci-fi
   C                                     F
I wish Dan Brown had never been born at all

E  B     A    B      E    B       A
I see a tiny little wave form collapse
B     E      B      E     B         A       B     E
Copenhagen, Pilot Waves, where did all the other worlds go?
D#             A#        D             F#       B
Consciously observing, really quite unnerving indeed
(No chords)
Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, Electro-magnetic-o

C#   C       B     C     C# C   B    C
I’m just a small quark, nobody loves me
A#    F      E     F      A#     F     E  F
He’s just a small quark, from a quark family
A#                  F                   G        C
Here’s his colour, here’s his flavour, it’s all QCD

 C#   C     B   C    C#       C      B
Easy come, easy go, will you let me go?
 C    F     C      F   C
The Strong Force, no, it will not let you go (let him go!)
 C  F   C    
Confinement! It will not let you go! (let him go!)
 C     F  C
Gauge Bosons! They will not let you go,
Will not let you go, will not let you go (Let him go!)
C#  B    E  D#  G#  C   F
No, no, no, no, no, no, no

    F                                              C
Oh Van der Meer, Van der Meer, Van der Meer let me go
 F  A#                   E            Am      C
Murray Gell-Mann has a medal on his desk for me, for me, for me!

F                     C           F         C       D#
So you think you can collapse and integrate psi?
F                     C              F  A#
So you think that I’m e to the power I pi?
Gm     C    Gm                            C
Whoa, baby,    can’t do maths with just “maybe”
Gm             C    Gm              C          F
Can’t work it out, can’t work out where it all is

 Dm               Am       Dm       Am
Nothing’s really matter, anyone can see
 Dm               A#m        C11                              F
Nothing’s really matter, so Brian Cox can’t explain matter to me
 C      G       Ab    Am7
Matter makes my mind blow
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