Misc Unsigned Bands - Just Nick - A Skeptics Love Song chords

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Tabbed this of the folk-o-rama video so it might be a bit a bit different from the album version


C Am G F Em F G

C                       Bm 
I need you like foreign oil 

    Am                          G
and you need me like a hospital bed 

    F                     E
But girl you ain't got no health insurance 

    F                G
and the US of A don't care if you're dead. 

                           E          Am        F
Because a little bit'a skepticism can go a long way 

     C          E           Am           F
sell 50 presale tickets and then you can play 

          C           E         Am         F
all those dirty vegan punks are so full of hate 

           C        G       C
you're the nixon to my watergate 

my best friend's Dionysus, 

    Am             G
and apollo OD'd on crack 

      F                       Em
we're just runaway kids, with books full of pages 

     F                    G
'til we learn our lesson, we ain't comin back 

        Bm                   E            Am        F
Because those who scream the loudest will always be heard 

    Bm          E          Am           F
all cats are beautiful and all cops are bastards 

         Bm      E           Am               F
they can drag me away, but I swear I'll fight back 

        Bm                  G       Bm
because I love you like the patriot act


Bm E Am F  G Bm G
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