Misc Unsigned Bands - She Stroh Sisters - Ravished By A Glance chords

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Song played on Capo 5 

Verse 1
     C           Am                      F                             C
My lover is like a young stag waiting out side my walls
      C                          Am          F                     
He peers through the lattice, he waits until I call

 Am         F                   C                        G
Come in, dine with me I want to sit with you
Am               F                               C                                G
Until the day breaths cool and the shadows are from the moon
Am         F                       C                G/B
Tell me of your love and all that in it lies,
                Am               F                          C                                G
You have ravished my heart oh Lord with one glance from your eyes 
C Am F C

Verse 2
My lover is radiant he stands out among the thousands 
His eyes are like doves, beside running waters

F                 G                       Am     G/B        C
    My lover speaks to me he says, “Arise and come
F                      G                         Am        G/B           C
    For see the winter is past, the rains are over and gone.
F                      G                                Am                                                  F
    For see the flowers appear on the earth, the time of pruning the vines has come
                          G                 F               C      G/B
    I choose with you my love to become one!” Oh


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