Misc Unsigned Bands - Mary Clare Stroh - I Choose To Love You chords

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Verse 1
E                      D               D/A                  C/G
No matter how far you are, how great the distance
E          D                              D/A                C/G
I feel a love that is proven by sacrifice and persistence 
E              D                          D/A                           C/G
Even the birds they chatter, speaking how you’ve been unfaithful 
E                      D                             D/A                C/G
Everyday you prove them wrong for me taking the low blow

           C/G                     D/A                         C/G                           D/A
When my emotions have gone away, and my hearts turned back to stone

B                  E         B   A               B                 E
  I choose to love you, I don’t ever want to be alone
                   B             A                         B                   C#m 
I choose to love you, I want to live my life so big and full
      B                    A                          C/G  D/A
Oh I know it’s so hard, but I choose love

Verse 2 
Lets dive deep, into an ocean, where we hit rock bottom and find love
Lets open doors, I thought were locked, so we can become closer
Lets write love on paper, hide it find it years later
Lets sing songs like this, we can write them for each other 


C/G     D/A
I choose love  x4 
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